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Want to rent the entire building and have food, drinks, & every activity available to your guest??

OTR FUNPLEX can host any type of private event: holiday party, employee appreciation event, or social party. We can accommodate any needed day & start time, even outside of normal hours of operations. Our staff will go above and beyond to make sure your event is planned and executed seamlessly and your guest remembers this event for years to come. 

Small Party (up to 12 ppl) - includes activity of your choice, private party room for 2 hrs, dedicated party host, and bonus second activity - as low as $209


Mid-sized Party (up to 25 ppl) - includes 2-3 activities of your choice, private section with two party rooms connected by our games hallway for added networking & fun for 2-3 hrs, and dedicated party host - as low as $356


Large Party (up to 100 ppl) - entire facility reserved, including our *Board Game Lounge, for 3 hrs. Access to all activities running simultaneously on 30 minute timeslots allowing guest to enjoy all activities - as low as $1,250

*bar minimum may be required

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